Dog poop book!

This man needs $5,000 to create a coffee table book about dogs pooping.

I’m not sure what else needs to be said about that.

Oh, so you’re not taking the photos yourself, you’re just going to “collect” them.

Ok, where are you collecting them from?

(I think he means the book.)

Of course! That’s why it’s “Crowdsourced”. I get it! You want us to take the photos that you are going to sell.

Ok, I guess I could donate a picture to your business venture. How do I do that?

You know what? I just remembered, I don’t have a dog.

  • apLundell

    When they say “Gift”, do they mean the kind of gift you give to people you like? Or the kind you give to people you DON’T like?

  • Francis Velten

    Obviously it’s meant to be a conversation starter. Possible discussions include conversatiosn about the size/composition/consistency/odor of a particular dog’s poo.