Project Luna : Marginally Legal Plushes

Moon Plush

These people are trying to raise $5,000 to manufacture plush toys in the shape of an adorable pony named Luna.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but you’d be wrong! This isn’t a My Little Pony project at all!

See? This is a plush toy about a cat who turned into a pony! Completely innocent! It’s certainly a legally distinct, completely original character, right?

Why, I’ll bet the creators of this Kickstarter would be shocked to learn that Hasbro’s “Friendship is Magic“, by shear chance, has a very similar character, also named Luna!

Woa! What a coincidence!

(Incidentally, While Hasbro’s Princess Luna accessorizes with a black tiara, this Luna accessorizes with a … DJ headset? … Made of carbon-fiber? … For some reason?)

LATE BREAKING UPDATE : After I wrote this post, the creator of this Kickstarter responded to the obvious accusations that this was blatant intellectual property theft.
Click Here to Read it.
I didn’t highlight any parts of it, because the whole thing is just so hilarious and adorably child-like. It’s funny enough that they’re intentionally refusing to understand the concept of “derivative works”, which is generally understood to prohibit character rip-offs like this, but what I find really funny is the way they’re intentionally misspelling “Copyright” and “Trademark”. No doubt that is supposed to make some sort of point that can only be understood by the anti-copyright evangelists at ChillingEffects,com (The site they linked to “explain” copyright.).

LATER BREAKING UPDATE : Uh oh! One of the backers has cracked the code!

Click here for an update to this project.

  • KickFailure

    You notice that every photograph of the plush is carefully cropped or Photoshopped to hide Luna’s “Cutie Mark”.
    Do you think that’s because they think hiding it will magically free them from legal issues?
    Or do you think they screwed it up, and therefore don’t want backers to see it?

    • Jay Young

      I am not sure this guy knows what copyrights and trade marks are, or what or a bankruptcy is. I would hope that he keeps us updated on the situation because it will be hilarious.

      • KickFailure

        Actually, there have been a few “Brony Projects” on Kickstarter. So far, Hasbro has not kicked up a fuss.

        I only chose to highlight this one because of the hilariously naive legal dodge.

  • KickFailure

    This project met it’s goal, so I’m tentatively moving it to the “Successful” category.

  • Lurker
  • Jynto

    ‘Its cuddle rating is over 9000’, oh dear, even I cringed when I saw that.

  • Dreamcloud

    *laughs until I throw up*
    “Mine is completely DIFFERENT”
    Hmm. That’s an odd way to spell Identical.

  • Ognimod

    This is old and long since resolved, but the headset might have something to do with a piece of brony fanon that states Luna is a gamer. The rewards refer to this, as well as “the fun has been doubled” and the New Lunar Republic.
    All of which is well-known catchphrases or fanon from Sailor Moon and has absolutely nothing to do with My Little Pony, Princess Luna, or bronies, of course.

    • KickFailure


      Someone better versed in MLP will have to clarify this, but isn’t the whole point of her character that she still talks and acts like she’s a princess from the medieval period? On account of being banished for centuries?

      So of course, the Bronies have recast her as a gamer. Of course.

      • Ognimod

        Also, she was “transformed through the constellation of Pegasus”.

        Didn’t know the classic Pegasus from Greek mythology had a horn!

        • KickFailure

          Yeah, but if you look closely, Pegasus is totally wearing a wireless headset.