Book to Theme Park : Candlelight

Book to Theme Park Candlelight : A Science Fiction love story

Josh Kostelecky is a man with a plan.

It’s a bit complicated, but I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating it.

First you write three books. Then you Build a theater. Then you build a movie studio. Then you build a theme park. Then you ride the roller coaster all day long, because you've earned it, man. You've earned it.

So how’d that turn out?

  • Mr book

    Same thing disney did….I don’t see a problem with it. Actually kinda cool idea. A bit far fetched …yes. But for someone with ambition can pull it off. In fact Mr Josh got the book done and the book is actually very good. You should read it,

    • KickFailure

      Mr Book, did you know that you have the exact same email address as Josh Kostelecky, the man who created this project?

      What a coincidence!

      • Josh Kostelecky

        You must not have any imagination considering you lacking in drive as the only people finding this are people googling themselves. Also considering the only person commenting is the person you are putting down and the webmaster. Just so you know my idea has taken off in different avenues. My kickstarter attempt was more just slapped together to see how the site works. This is what creative people do….they fail first…and again….and again till they get it right. Uncreative people like yourself just waste their time. Kickfailure just highlights the purpose of failure……sad really.

        • dustoff

          I. Have. Never. Googled. Myself. And I found this page.

        • Joel

          You’re a really sore loser, you know. It’s not KickFailure’s fault that you have absurd expectations.

  • Josh Kostelecky

    Oh by the way. I will say I love the illustration tho. Very fun.