Futile Furry Fuel Fantasy

Furry Fuel!

Ok, apparently if you’re a furry you’re not content drinking a regular energy drink. (Not even a “Red Bull“?)

Ok, so essentially it’s just Soda pop, right?

The energy drink looks pretty normal besides the label (pictured above), but the project included this interesting “stretch goal”.

Let’s see how that turned out.

Suspended by Kickstarter? But Why?

For the answer to that question, let’s check out the list of Prohibited Kickstarter Projects :

  • Summercat

    I missed the no-energy drinks rule on Kickstarter. WHOOPS! I still made my minimums, and did my orders – and have been selling Furry Fuel ever since :3 It’s not a huge moneymaker, but I’ve made a profit on it and keep doing it because it’s awesome. Just figured I’d give you an update :3

    • Rod

      Hey summercat, I met you at the party in garden grove on 11/08/14.
      Tried Furry Fuel today and I love it. I hope you can get more, because I might buy a case… OK maybe half a case. Either way, see you next month.

  • Ognimod

    Speaking as a furry, I’m astounded the creator isn’t offended by his inclusion on this site. Did I step into an alternate dimension by accident?

    • KickFailure

      “Speaking as a furry”? I didn’t make fun of furries in this post.

      I mean, I made fun of the one furry, but not for BEING a furry.

      • Ognimod

        Didn’t mean to say you did. Just surprised that he’s cool with being here instead of screaming “discrimination” or “fursecution” or some other nonsense.