Friendzone Tees

Sometimes, you’re friends with a girl for, like, a whole week, and she’s still not interested in sleeping with you!

I know! It’s like they don’t understand the only reason we’re friends with them is for sex!

Yea, that’ll do the trick.

Too bad his lady-friends aren’t interested in “Doing something”.

  • e

    I’m going to wear a tshirt that advertises me as a desperate loser! That’ll get the ladies!

    • KickFailure

      Maybe he should just stop being coy and get a shirt that says “IF I’M FRIENDLY TO YOU, I EXPECT SEX IN RETURN”

      • Adam wakeling

        Seems like a sure fire way to get out of the friend zone to me. Although, perhaps not in the desired direction.

  • Lora Jessome

    If men and women can’t be just friends, I guess that means bisexual people can’t be just friends with anybody. Everyone is their prey!