Big Foot-Hunting Zeppelin

The Falcon Project

The Falcon Project - The Falcon Project is an aerial search for Sasquatch employing an unmanned airship w/ high definition thermal imaging camera equipment

William Barnes, along with a team of men with epic mountain-man beards, needs a third of a million dollars to build a robot-drone Zeppelin to Find Bigfoot!

Previous attempts at finding Big Foot have failed, because they’ve searched on the ground, where Big Foot is! You’ve got to outsmart the beast and go to the sky where he isn’t!

The Team includes Dr. Jeff Meldrum who proves that you can make anything seem legit if you give it a sciency enough name.
"The Relict Hominoid Inquiry, a refereed scholarly journal promoting scientific dialogue on this intriguing question"

Also on the team is Dr. Jim Halfpenny.
His fields of expertise include carnivore ecology (especially bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc.), tracking mammals and dinosaurs (Are dinosaurs hard to track? The ones I’ve seen hadn’t moved in a very long time.)
He also runs this entertaining website that seems to have escaped from 1998.

Wow, all this pseudo-science is getting me excited! I want to go out in the woods and chase Big Foots! How can I do that?
Pledge $5,000 or more to join the teem for 1 week.

That’s great, but what if I want a souvenir from our hunt?
Pledge $10,000 or more to choose from any of the above plus a framed image from the first contact.

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