Sparks “Original” T-Shirts

Sparks Originals is releasing a range of fashionable T-shirts, and you lucky Kickstarters could be the first ones wearing them!

These aspiring fashion designers need £1,000 (about $1,600) to kick off their new fashion line of fashionable T-shirts!

We decided not to pretend we're your standard people because we're not, Uh oh, This is never a good sign. If someone has to tell you that they’re interesting, they’re probably not.

Sparks original is a new brand looking to bring quirky and contemporary designs to the fashion industry.

sparks_07 Sparks_08sparks_06Sparks_05

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Ok, so … they’ve taken off-the-rack T-shirts (or undershirts?) and added a patch to them. (Is that a functional pocket? Or just a patch? Who knows?!?)

Sparks_06 Pledge £15 for a single t-shirt

(£15 is about $25)

  • Daisy

    But how else can I have one cow-printed nipple?

  • Jeffrey Kukucka

    i have seen better shirts than that.