Little Boy, a short story.

I plan to offer my short story "Little Boy" in digital format with master resell rights.
A number of people have used kickstarter to sell books, to my knowledge, this is the first attempt to use it to sell a short story.

This person wants a total of $500 for his 1,300-word short story. It’s my understanding that this is about three times the current going rate for first-time authors. So what’s his angle? Why is this story worth so much money?

I plan to publish the short story in digital format with resell rights as a fundraiser for the Kim W Cobb Memorial Fund, which was created to help families who face foreclosure. "Resell rights" means buyers can copy and resell the story as much as they want.
So, we’re not just buying this story because we want to read it, we’re buying it as an investment so we can sell it!

Of course! I’ll pay $100, to purchase re-sell rights (time limited to four months) so that I can sell the story. But to who?

If I call up a science fiction magazine, and tell them that I want to sell them a story, they’re going to insist on exclusive rights. So I guess I’d be stuck selling it direct to readers? How much would you pay for a story that’s only five pages long?

Maybe it’s a really fantastic story. Let’s see the sample.

Hiroshima Nagasaki twirled his gray toy airplane before the picture, pretending to fly across Manhattan's skies. The Twin Towers were still there. So were the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.  "Neeeaarl!" the little boy mimicked an airplane noise. He was 11, born in Tokyo, Japan, on Aug. 6, 2045. The Americans called him "Little Boy."  He bounced on his old spring bed, swinging his Laggin' Dragon airplane in a motion symbolic of infinity.

Ugh. This is not clever. This is cutesie and tedious.

To Recap : For $100 this person will sell you “resell writes” to a amateur short story five pages long.

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    I don’t want to see the fallout from this.

    I’ll show myself out.