Doppelganger : Universal Game piece.

The Doppelganger, universal game piece is a customizable board and role playing game piece. Now you can upload your pictures and personalize your gameplay!

For $25 these people will sell you a board-game piece with two built-in computer screens.

Even though the gamers I played with had hundreds of figures, we would often lack the just the right ones.
Sounds like quite a problem.

My first idea was a transformable figure, or a Transfomer-like figure that could become multiple characters or game pieces.
Really? That was your first idea? Your first idea was to build a transformer? And your second idea was to build a game piece with a built-in LCD screen?

Let me tell you what my first idea was :

card_stand_black card_stand_blue card_stand_redcard_stand_green

That’s right card holders! They’re specifically designed for this work. They’re small enough to work with D&D minis. They work with any picture you can draw or print out. And, (sorry to sound like an old man) they don’t need to be recharged!

And best of all? They cost $0.13 each!

Don’t have thirteen cents? (because you spent all your money on dubious Kickstarter gadgets?) No problem, you can go scavenge one from that Candyland game you haven’t played since you were six.

Or you could pay $25 for this silly gadget.

  • M

    Guess what? This one succeeded.

    • KickFailure

      Look at that, you’re right! They just barely made it.

      People sure do like crazy gadgets.

  • ced1106

    Wow — Over a year and 73% fulfilled. One of the comments was “They do work, but the software is the most horrible piece of crap I’ve used in a looong time “. The card holders are 13 cents each, but the shipping makes up for that. :(