iMusic BodyRythm : The Music Bib

iMusic BodyRythm : The first app-enabled music device that lets you physically feel the beats of your favorite tracks, creating your own music experience.

In the olden days when you wanted to “turn music rhythms into a physical experience” you had to get up off the couch and start dancing.

No more! Now you can put on this handy bib (with patented zipper!) and it will let you “feel the catchy beats that millions of people have only heard!”. Which means, of course, that it’s going to “tap” on your shoulders.

Feel the auto-synched beats of the music

He looks like he’s having fun.

The device weights in at a hefty five pounds, and contains no batteries, so it must be plugged into an 110v electrical outlet while in use.

  • Lirodon

    It looks like an ugly laser tag vest. And a toilet seat

    • KickFailure

      Sure, but to be fair, nothing gets me more into the mood to listen to music than slipping my head into a plastic toilet seat.