Lazy Pete : Book Holder

LazyPete is a unique device that allows you to comfortably hold a book in one hand, reducing the strain in your hands and fingers.

Book handles! For £28. (about $42)

Do you find it too hard to hold a book, but too easy to turn the pages?

If so, you’re in luck. This will add an easy to grip handle to your book, and it will make page-turning a complicated multi-stage process!

Wet book-pages? Not anymore!
Oh yea, smart guy? How are you going to turn the page without getting it wet?

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  • anon

    “How are you going to turn the page without getting it wet?”

    Apparently you didn’t read any of the description. Without even going to the kickstarter page, I could tell that you pull the lever to turn the page without touching the book.

    If you’re going to mock something, at least take the time to read the description. It’s the third sentence of the first proper paragraph, for fuck’s sake. I like your site, but mocking without even trying is lame.

    • KickFailure

      I think you’ve misunderstood. Pulling the lever releases to the two holding prongs allowing you to MANUALLY turn the page, with your FINGERS.

      Just watch the video. They explain this about 25 seconds in.