Chick Magnets!

Chick Magnets

Chick Magnets - Pretty and strong - just like the women I designed them for!

Ladies, are you tired of using magnets designed for men? Don’t you wish someone would design a magnet for women?

Well, if this man can raise $5,000 then your prayers are answered!

(Be aware that the magnets shown above are only prototypes. For the finished magnets he’s also ordered Swarovski crystals, and “super sparkly glitter paint”.)

  • TheNate

    If he made magnets that looked like little chicks (baby chickens) … I might actually buy some for a joke.

    • Bread

      That’s actually a pretty good idea.

  • Lora Jessome

    Items that are needlessly gender specific are bad enough without the female items costing more than the male ones.