Fusion Powered Car

Fusion Powered Car - Fusion is the ultimate green energy source. Cold fusion may be real or not, but now is the time to take a lab curiosity out and road test it.

This nutter wants to make a “Cold Fusion” powered car.

I will be a year constructing and modifying a Model A to run on fusion power.
Wait! What? A Model-A?


Yup! He’s serious! He’s going to convert a 1928 Ford to electric. Then he’s going to build a nuclear powered charger that’s fueled by heavy water. Finally! A water powered car!

 I hope to “trickle charge” some batteries enough to run the car after very long charging times. I am hoping for about 5 Watts of net electrical energy. I am close.
Fun fact : 5 watts is exactly how much power an iPhone charger produces.

this is part 2 since "they" terminateded it early.

Oh oh! “They” are onto you! You’re doomed! “They” always suppress the water powered cars!