Cowardly 2nd Amendment Shirts

Incognito 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

Want to show your support for the Second Amendment, but are worried about what people will think? No problem. “What you need is an Incognito 2nd Amendment shirt”!

This shirt doesn’t mention the 2nd amendment at all! The only reference to gun control is a cartoon of a pair of guns on the back. That way you can stand by your principals even if you’re too cowardly to do it while facing someone.

2nd Amendment T-Shirt for cowards.

On the front we have … The Wikipedia logo? No, it’s actually the designer, Michael Warfield’s personal logo. That’s right, he has a personal logo.

The back of the shirt celebrates every American’s fundamental constitutional right to play the hit 1995 arcade game “Area 51”.

Area51Arcade area51

So how much is Mr Warfield charging for these masterpieces? What does it cost to show your support for gun ownership without letting anyone know you support gun ownership?

$65 - You get one shirt.

Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sixty-five dollars!

For only $25 these people will sell you a t-shirt with a picture of a house-cat wielding an assault rifle. It’s got just as much to do with the second amendment, and it’s a lot cuter.

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