Stick an iWorm in your iFace

 iWorm: Posture perfect iPad use  by Jeffrey Gu

iWorm works simply: it suspends a tablet PC or eReader in front of you at the best distance and angle for your eyes. Use it while standing or sitting! How many places can you imagine using this? I can name at least over 9,000!

What we have here is a man so obsessed with iPads that he literally wants to look at one 24/7. He’s tired of looking at the real world, so he wants to view the world through the lens of sweet, comforting technology. He may wander around in technology-induced stupor, bumping into walls and telephone poles, but he’ll always know the latest trending topic on twitter.

You think I’m joking? Before he invented this “iWorm”, this fool tried to raise a third of a million dollars to wallpaper a room with iPads!

A fool with an iPad in front of his face.

  • Brad 9001

    Nothing encourages people to spend money more than a overused meme!