A couple more challenge coins

A little while ago I took a look at the copy-cats that sprung up right after Howard Taylor‘s wildly successful “Challenge Coin” project.
Challenge coins had been entirely unheard of on Kickstarter until Mr. Taylor made a fortune on them, then suddenly there were a whole bunch of people who also wanted to make them.

Well, Here we are two weeks later and two more have shown up.

Here at last, to give to your best buddies! A Blue Falcon / Good Idea Fairy Coin!
This guy showed up in my last post about copy-cats! His first attempt to copy Taylor’s idea failed, so he’s trying again! This is a slightly nicer coin than the previous one, but it’s still based on his crumby webcomic.
(Admittedly this project doesn’t mention “Challenge” coins, but he describes challenge coin tradition in the text, so it still counts. If he thought not using the word “Challenge” would stop me from mocking him, he was wrong.)

 Limited Edition challenge coins for Warhammer 40K. Challenge coins are a military tradition so it is time that WH40K gets their own.
As far as I’ve been able to determine, Joe Ward has no connection to Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40k.

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