Air powered Car!

 F2 Power Technologies LLC vehicle engine is powered by free air  Campaign is seeking $100,000 to equip a large SUV with the first proof-of-concept F2 Powertrain System. New vehicles can be powered by free air instead of gas.

This project has a goal to equip a large SUV with the F2 Powertrain System. The system will generate electricity using free air, and will provide unlimited range for the gas-converted SUV without the need to recharge externally. This represents a giant leap forward in transportation technology.

Finally! I’m tired of refueling my car with water. I want a car I never have to refuel!

…But isn’t that completely impossible for about a dozen different reasons?

I have been engineering advanced wind turbine designs for a number of years. With just a 15 mph wind, a utility scale wind turbine generates massive amounts of electricity. Such a turbine provides electricity to about 400 homes. The problem with wind turbines is the wind does not always blow. It occurred to me, eventually, that when a vehicle travels down the road, it creates a wind upon itself- always.

The old ‘windmill on a car’ idea.

I once designed a very similar device. I drew the schematic in crayon.

Remember when you were very young, you thought it was impossible to run out of money because every time you bought something you got money back in change? This invention works on the same theory.

As should be completely obvious to anyone who’s graduated grade school, all “Wind energy” of a moving car is ultimately generated by the car’s engine. Any fool can understand that reclaiming a small portion of the engine’s output could never fully power the engine.

Worse than that, attaching all this wind-harvesting equipment will actually increase weight and air-resistance, making the engine work harder, burning even more energy!

I liked my crayon schematic better.

This delusional innovator thinks that those funnels up front will “Multiply the energy” somehow. They won’t. Sure, the air in the skinny part of the funnel will be going faster, but there’s less of it. You don’t get something for nothing.

The real mystery here is why this guy thinks that funnels are some magical energy source that everybody else has overlooked! If funnels are so great, why don’t all cars have giant funnels on them? Why don’t wind-farms have giant house-sized funnels in front of them? Why is Tom Olsen the first person on the entire planet to realize the magic of funnels?

I have what the big boys apparently don't have.  A simple mind.

Fair enough.