The Rapper of Baghdad

What if Saddam Hussein recorded a hip hop album during his 8 months in hiding? This project finally answers that question!

Here’s a fun project from Andy Pokel, a music teacher in Houston :
The premise is, what if Saddam Hussein had a recording studio in his underground lair? And what if he used it to create a hip hop mixtape as a diary?

He gave us a couple samples of the album. Here’s “You Can Call Me“.
You Can Call Me

Hussein, the crusher, the master of hearts,
The Butcher of Baghdad, the light in the dark,
He who confronts, madman of the middle east,
President of Iraq, Commander in Chief,

I’m not thrilled about these rhymes. Am I the only one who think they’re a bit of a stretch?

Let’s listen to the other one : “If I Don’t Make It
If I Don’t Make It

I don’t know how I ever got so damn lucky.
Two wives and two sons and I ruled the best country.
Right now it’s difficult, My heart is full of grief and guilt.
Yet, I’m so proud of this nation I have built.
No matter how much the west might try to take
It’s only their own eternal graves that they make.

Oh yeah, I can already tell that’s going to go over real well in Texas.

DISCLAIMER Before you send hate mail, please understand that UNDERGROUND does not have a political, personal, or religious agenda. I am neither supporting nor mocking Saddam Hussein, the nation of Iraq, or the Muslim faith. Despite the ridiculous nature of the concept (i.e. Saddam rapping), I do not find his life or death to be funny. My goals are to understand, humanize, educate, and entertain.
Life Tip : If your project needs a disclaimer like this, you should probably just do a different project.