The Time Travel Experiment

“The idea of the time travel experiment is simply using notes to contact the future.”

Time Travel Experiment - Documenting efforts to contact the future using "notes" made of stone and steel etc. Asking time travelers to visit a specific time

The idea behind this project is to “Send messages to the future” by carving a date and GPS coordinates into rocks or metal plates, and leaving them to be found by future archeologists. That way when time travel is invented, time travelers will all go back to that point in time to see what the fuss was about.

Then he can film the time travelers and make a documentary about them.

The Time Travel Experiment is a simple concept.  Suppose we invented time travel and could go any time and place we chose.  Then we found ancient stones asking future time travelers to visit September 5, 157 AD in the main square in Athens, Greece... wouldn't we be very tempted to go there?

I wonder if there’s a way I could carve this blog post into a stone so that time travelers would know not to bother.