The Plagiarized Photobooks of Prof. Amy Laptad

Amy Laptad Presents : Curiosity Captured gives a deep and unedited look into the uniqueness that surrounds us, compiled within a limited edition photo book.

A college professor named Amy Laptad really wants to publish a book of her photographs, this is the second time she’s run this exact kickstarter after the first one tanked with zero pledges.

Amy Laptad : I find the most peculiar, outlandish and curious places, and then capture them for everyone to enjoy.
Sounds good, let’s take a look!

Wow. A weather-worn teddy bear left at the grave of a child. That’s a very memorable image.

In fact, I do remember it!


Amy Laptad didn’t take that photo at all! She totally stole that from some random lady on Flickr!

Ok, so she stole one photograph, but what about that stunning image of a Ferris wheel completely overtaken by kudzu?

The cover photo is the most important image in a Kickstarter campaign! It’s what shows up in searches and links! It’s what entices kickstarters to learn about your project!

Surely that image must belong to Amy! It would be super dishonest to steal your lead image.
Stolen again! This time from Kyle Telechan (aka “City Eyes”).

There are two other example photos in the project, and as far as I can tell they’re both original. However, they both suck. The exposure is wrong on both of them; one is too dark and the other is too bright! (And one of them is just an ordinary parking lot anyway!)

Amy Laptad : This First Edition Photo-book will include photos of curious sightings I have found along my travels.  The goal is to create a diverse set of photos that grab the viewers attention and most of all, curiosity.
I guess when she says “my travels” she means “my browsing of Flickr”

But we aren’t finished yet!

Amy Laptad -   Join me as I capture scenes within a cruise ship that are often times missed, ignored or unknown.
Last month she tried to kickstart this.
Another book of “her” photographs.

The cover image of the infamous Carnival Triumph is blatantly scanned from a book. I’m pretty sure it’s a tourists’ pamphlet for Halifax.

Up next is this lovely shot of the Disney Dream stolen from Christian Lambert Photography

And finally a photo of three more cruise ships ripped from the blog of Aaron Saunders.

Not one photo in this project page is hers!

How much you want to bet she didn’t ask for permission either?

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  • Christian

    How can this be reported?

    • KickFailure

      Kickstarter has a copyright violation report form here :

      I can’t speak for how responsive they are, but I know at least some projects have been pulled.

      (If you want something removed from THIS not-affiliated-with-Kickstarter blog, then I can be contacted through the email address in the sidebar.)

  • chelseasees

    Hey! That random lady she stole the grave image from is me! I wish someone had emailed me on flickr. Can I do anything about this?

    • KickFailure

      Oh, sorry. My lazy attempt to contact the infringed artists was just a couple of messages on Twitter. Couldn’t find you on Twitter. I guess the nice thing to do would have been to send an email.

      Kickstarter does have a copyright violation form. If I were you I would report it. Her project is clearly going to fail, but it’d still be good to send a message so she doesn’t keep trying.

      (If you want something removed from THIS not-affiliated-with-Kickstarter
      blog, then I can be contacted through the email address in the

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  • KickFailure

    As an addendum, Kickstarter has moved their copyright reporting page. The links I originally offered in this discussion thread won’t work.

    The new link is here :