Pointy Wallet

The U Power wallet, for the in-trend minimalists. Features slim design, RFID blocking fabric, innovative stylus pen functionality. .

I guess this project was inevitable.

I’m tired of using my dumb finger! But I can’t use an ordinary, pencil-shaped stylus! What do pencils have to do with phones?!? Obviously, you want a stylus the same size and shape as your phone! It just makes sense.

Check out the video. (Watch for the spots where he uses it on things that are not touch-screens!)


This is never a good sign. When someone starts bragging about being “an inventor”, beware! Real inventors describe themselves as “engineers” or “designers” or “businessmen”. Inventing isn’t a qualification or job title, it’s just a thing you can do.

Coming Soon!

Watch for my upcoming projects :

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  • A T-shirt that is also a bottle of barbeque sauce.
  • http://awesomethingoftheday.tumblr.com/ Remy Porter

    “It’s three centimeters thick, three inches wide, and five inches long.”

    • KickFailure

      Haha! You’re right, I missed that!

  • U Power’s unique fabric is impregnated with silver particles that gives the wallet its antimicrobial powers.

    U Power is in-trend with today’s touch technology…you can use the U Power to make information entry on any multi-user device that you would touch with your finger

    Showing the patent was to deter anyone from stealing the idea.

    Katie Couric and Jeanne Moos are just a few journalist who have reported about germs in the office and on ATMs. Enclosed are links to their reports, you will find out why you should be careful touching these multi-user devices.

    • KickFailure

      Silver’s power as an antiseptic is extremely weak. Even if this wallet were made from a block of solid silver it wouldn’t be much use in that capacity.

      If you dump powered silver in a well, and leave it there for years, it can have some useful effects, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

      • Name

        Silver nanoparticles are used just about everywhere, including in cosmetics, socks, food containers, detergents, sprays and a wide range of other products to stop the spread of germs.