No, give ME The America!


GIVE ME the America”. This shirt says “Give me the America”

I want you to take a moment to read that shirt out loud. Really. It’s an experiment.

“Give Me the America”

You said it in a funny accent didn’t you? Maybe you said it like a Mexican immigrant, or maybe you said it like an eastern European grandmother, but you said it in a funny voice. You can’t help it!

Give me the America!

By the way, why is that flag so ratty looking?

Ok, The “Give Me The America” photo is the only photo in the project, but I notice his profile picture has this gem. (I guess this genius didn’t know how to put images in the project.)

“of the PAST.” Clearly, this is the back of the shirt and he meant it to read all together as

GIVE ME the America of the PAST.”

Have we learned nothing from “Make 7 UP YOURS“? Nobody reads the front and back of a T-shirt together!

Anything You can Do I can do Better

Sadly, it looks like this project is going to fail.

But what if you still want a dumb shirt? No worries, I’ve done my best to recreate this shirt.

Ok, I only did the front, but nobody reads the back of a shirt.

Give Me The America
(This was not a joke. But you can no longer buy the shirts. You missed ’em!)
  • nate

    Wow, apparently you only get a shirt with a $50 donation.

    • KickFailure

      Haha! Yes! And look, it’s a limited reward!

      He only wants to sell 10 of them!

      • DallasGirl752

        but hey! it’s “FREE” and comes witha certificate

  • Windego

    Not gonna lie, I read it in the voice of an Indian cab driver.

  • Ognimod

    Major-Tom should make “give me the earth americas” t-shirts.

  • TheEnygma

    actually, I read it like the Usual Suspects
    “give me the ****ing America, you ****ing ****sucker! buahwaha!”