Scam Kickstarter Project copy/pastes IndieGoGo projects

A couple of weeks ago I reported that scammers were copying Kickstarter projects and posting them verbatem on IndieGoGo and keeping the procedes.

It looks like this scam works both ways. In this case the IndieGoGo project was the real one, and the Kickstarter project was the fake!

It looks like he was able to alert Kickstarter to the problem and get the fraudulent project canceled.

(The project card to the right is for the real project.)
A post warning others of what I found just an hour ago.     I had a project hosted on Indiegogo of a case for the raspberry pi.     I have just found all my material on Kickstarters website hosted by a user pretending to be me. He claims he is from the Uk, and is taking money under my name. He even has my videos linked.     Due to the seriousness of this, and the fact that it is identity theft I intend making this viral. This could have serious impact to my name and career should the hacker fund the project, and do a run with the funds.     The project name is Raspberry Slice - it can be found archived on the Indiegogo website, and is now currently funding on Kickstarter!!!!     I have posted about it on Kickstarters Facebook page, and also reported it on their site.     This is really, really, not good enough and scary when you think about it. Their screening is obviously terrible, as is their user checks.        Brian Garvey.