Wellness Shower Mixer

 Wellness shower mixer - Mixer de soins pour la douche  The ecological revolutionary way to improve your skin and your life! La solution écologique révolutionnaire pour prendre soin de votre peau et de votre vie!

This is basically a Keurig Machine for your shower.

After you’ve made a cup of coffee through the most wasteful process known to man, why not try applying that same process to your shower?

What a wonderful addition to your morning routine!


Think of all the time you’ll save! No longer will you have to keep your skin-care products in a bottle and then rub them all over your body. Science has solved this problem!


They even look like K-Cups!

Clearly somebody saw a Keurig machine and thought “I have got to get on that money-train!”


Ok, The first three I’ve heard of, (“Therapy” through algae, salt, and scents.) and they say that the “Kids Capsules” (No apostrophe?) are filled with bubble-gum scent.

…But what’s in that final capsule? They don’t say.

Ok, fine. How much will it cost me to hose myself down with algae and naughtiness?

Of course, they’re rounding down. €2.50 actually works out to $3.33. Or about $1200 if you shower every day for a year.

A small price to pay to smell like bubble-gum.