36 Dollars Magazine.

36 Dollars Magazine
A beautiful magazine made entirely from found paper, hand stitched, bound and cut.

Found art.

Found art in a tiny, easy-to-carry package.

Before found art is found, it’s trash.

Basically, This is a pocket-sized magazine made of trash.

I bought one!

Despite the name, these things went for a mere $6, including shipping. So why not? I can afford six bucks.

To be honest, I’d forgotten I ordered this, it’s been sitting on my desk in a brown wrapper with strange writing on it for months. I finally remembered what it was, and opened it up to take a look.

And you know what? I actually kind-of like it.

Here it is.

2013-06-24 21.22.57
Here it is. It’s a 4¼x3¼ inch little booklet. It really is made of random bits of scrap paper.

2013-06-24 21.25.02
(Sorry I’m holding it weird. I had to work my phone with my other hand.)
2013-06-24 21.39.19

You know what? I think this is delightful.

I love the randomness of this. I feel like I’m some kind of future-archeologist trying to understand a civilization through its trash.

I would honestly buy one of these every month if they were available.


So, if this project succeded, and I liked it, why am I calling it a KickFailure?

Well, for one thing, it’s funny to resell trash.

But more importantly … he doesn’t seem to have actually sent everybody their magazine!


Not only did he not send out all the magazines, but he’s disappeared!
He’s taken all these people’s money and doesn’t even have the guts to tell them what went wrong!

At least he warned us.



There is an update to this article!

  • Krystal

    I remember contemplating whether to back that or not but the whole thing just came off as some sarcastic hipster that wanted to see how many people would buy trash.

    • KickFailure

      For what it’s worth, It’s nicely made. He clearly put effort into this.

      I think he is honestly a crazy artistic hippie, and not a sarcastic hipster.

      • KickFailure

        I suppose it’s also possible that our culture has grown a new layer of meta, and this is actually someone pretending to be a sarcastic hipster, but ironically doing quality work.

        • aempirei

          hey what up? shot noise BP refers to your cover. i called it the blueprint shot noise cover at the time, that way i knew which one was inside the envelope when i addressed it at some point. the cover is a cyanotype blueprint and the way the noise where the cover fading aggregates it appeared similar to discrete planar shot noise. yours should also glow in the dark. that one was one of my favorite ones, so im not sure why you got it. i must have recognized your name, recognized kickfailure, or i just made a mistake and gave it to the wrong person. also i updated the project the other day with some info. also, you might think this is kinda funny. i just made one the other day for a friend, from their own garbage unbeknownst to them and i made up a fake store, bag and receipt of purchase and gave it to them as though i just bought it at the store. here’s the picture of it.

          • aempirei
          • KickFailure

            It *does* glow! Quite brightly, actually. I didn’t notice until about a month after this article was written.

            Which I guess something says good if I still had it on my desk a month later.

  • Mattress

    I backed this. Only $6, looked cool, why not? I am one of those who never got one though.

    In the last update on Feb. 8th, there’s a long youtube video where he goes over most of his process of making these. Its enough of a guide that if someone really wanted to, they could make one themselves.

    I think what went wrong here has something to do with the USPS shipping rate changes that occurred in Feb.

    • KickFailure

      I agree. Especially as so many of the “missing” magazines are overseas orders it makes me suspect some sort of shipping problem.

      Probably the shipping was more expensive than he was anticipating.