• Joseph Bloch

    Does it come in Wookiee size?

    The scary part is my 12-year-old daughter might actually be able to *use* one of these things for all her gadgets.

  • FAt daddy

    Society is full of people who can point out failure. People find fault like there is a reward for it. So is that what society has come to? Adding to the already ego driven insecure world where every new thought is criticized and ridiculed because its different. That’s ok though you were like oh cool something popular I can create a site that rides the coattail and show how great I am at judging ideas because I can’t do anything myself but suck on the teets of others.

    • KickFailure

      You are absolutely, 100% correct.

      This site IS about finding fault and riding on the coattails of crowdfunding’s success, and for me, yes, it is its own reward.

      Thanks for taking the time to write!

      • Fat daddy

        Of course it is a reward because it entails something that takes no skill. Anyone can find fault. You say what is wrong with society my question to you is… What is your site doing to improve society? I believe it is improving your lifestyle and it’s a great idea. Why not be the voice of 90% of the people that hold others back? It’s a safe place. Anyone can say this or that is wrong but how many people can say I did it because I wanted to, not because it made someone else happy.

        • KickFailure

          I have held nobody back.

          There’s a link to your project right there. Anyone could click on it.

          Maybe that other guy is buying one for his daughter right now.

          • Joseph Bloch

            I actually did sign up to support the Kickstarter, yes. :-)

    • Joseph Bloch

      This particular post seemed to me not to be mocking the product itself so much as the fact that modern day people have so many electronic gadgets as to actually make such a product even feasible. So I read it as broad social commentary, not an attempt to knock down a particular Kickstarter project.

      That said, even though the commentary about the state of society might be accurate, the mere fact that it *is* accurate made me sponsor this so I can get one for my daughter, who is a poster child for the let-me-get-my-iPod-iPad-Kindle-and-phone generation. I may be able to get by with just a phone, but that doesn’t make the point KickFailure is making any less valid.

  • Fat daddy

    You are right positivity prevails even through negative aspects.. I am simply an advocate of the sites that you’re demoting. Like I said your site is clever, just don’t question society when your site contributes to the negative aspects of society.. Keep demoralizing ideas it’s a safe route to success. I simply wanted you to note that the news is full of blues and you’re just a contribution to negativity in society. Be real be true and be someone who helps others because we’re all I this together.

    • Jay Young

      Pointing out that this is a terrible, stupid idea and a waste of time and money IS helping you.