Radical Retro T-Shirts

  TouchMeTees are changing the clothing industry, literally! These shirts change color when you touch them! The 90's are back and bright.

I know I’ve badmouthed Hypercolor shirts in the past, and yes, they are a stupid, worthless gimmick.

… But I love stupid, worthless gimmicks down to my very core. Gimmicks speak to my soul.

I’m actually really sad that these totally radical, but short-lived, early-nineties gimmicks probably aren’t going to make a comeback on Kickstarter.

  • Jamoche

    The time is right for a return – not for fashion reasons, but for climate:

    I had one of these when I lived in Texas – sure, 100°F+ weather sucked, but it was kind of nifty to walk outside and have the shirt change colors instantly – then I moved to the SF Bay Area where it never got hot enough to change (I’m convinced the whole “touch it and see your handprint” thing is staged).

    But temperatures here are creeping up to Texas levels, and Texas itself is even worse.

    Hmm… maybe that’s the sales pitch they should use – not “see your handprint” but “show everyone what climate change is doing.” In the right market area, it would work.

  • jay

    that girl wearing the hypercolor sheet is absolutely haunting my soul. she looks like a human trafficking victim

  • TouchMeTees

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