One Million Dollar Challenge

Here’s a fun IndieGoGo project.

It’s the Internet version of an idea we all had when we were five.


Oh yea? How’s that going, champ?


Haha. Oh well. Too bad. He still has 20 days to go, though. Maybe he’ll get lucky.

If only there was something I could do to help.


Well, I dunno. He does say that “much of all monies received will be donated to charities”. I don’t know how much is “much”, but maybe this is a good cause. What charities are involved?


Right. The money would go right into your pocket, wouldn’t it?

  • Ozy111

    It immediately reminds me of the (successful) Million Dollar Homepage, except you get less for your money.

  • Cpt. Sqweky

    Glad to see his college education wasn’t wasted.