Crazy? Or political activist?

No link for joke projects.

This is a joke project that’s making a point about the recent news about the NSA and their PRISM project.

But what point is it making? In pop culture, Tin foil hats are usually associated with conspiracy theorists and people paranoid to the point of extreme mental illness.

So what’s the point this project is making?

  • The conspiracy theorists were right! PRISM is an assault on our freedoms!
  • PRISM is protecting our freedoms, the people who oppose it are paranoid crazies!

Is he making fun of the NSA? Or is he making fun of people who oppose the NSA? I honestly don’t know!

I’m not linking to the full text of the project because, as a rule, I don’t link to joke projects, but reading the full text doesn’t help me figure this out. He stays “in character” in a way he probably thinks is hilarious, but honestly, it’s just not well written enough to be funny.

So … uh, here are some tinfoil hats! They’re Funny, right?

Thanks to @Fruv for the tip.

  • babablackwhatinthehell

    yet, seriously when you write any articulation about an particularity one should track back, should they NOT?

    • KickFailure