Strap a phone to your Face.

This is really weird. These two projects launched within four hours of each-other!

I guess it’s all part of the fast-moving Kickstarter zeitgeist. Now is the time to stick a phone on your face! A week ago it would have seemed absurd, and a week hence it will seem cliched and old-fashioned.

360Specs launched a mere four hours and seven minutes after vrAse, and as of this writing it’s already fallen well behind! So take from that whatever lesson you can.

  • Jamoche

    I first read that as vArse. The picture probably contributed to that.

  • Joseph Bloch

    Does it count as a “hands free” device while driving?

    • KickFailure

      As long as the judge doesn’t ask any follow-up questions, you’ll be fine.

  • hgws

    Just discovered your blog. Have you seen what happened to vrAse in the year since you featured it? Not good…