• Joseph Bloch

    Oh, man! I saw the headline and thought it was x-ray specs that really worked.

    • Wine lover

      Interesting that all the haters will eat their words! GlassWraps is going global with their website myglasswraps.com with over 1,000 hits and orders a DAY!

      • KickFailure

        Life tip : 1,000 hits is NOT a big number.

        Bragging about 1,000 hits is like a dude bragging that his dick is “Longer than one inch”. It’s sad that the number is so small, but even sadder that they’re so proud.

      • Bryon Jones
      • TheNate

        The site is now down.

      • Guest

        How do you get 1,000 hits AND orders a day? Even the craziest best-sellers have a very small percentage.
        Maybe it’s because nobody’s interested in your stuff that you think it’s normal that number of hits=number of orders

  • Eryk Nielsen

    I have an opinion regarding what the wraps resemble, but I am going to keep that opinion to myself.

    • KickFailure

      That’s funny, I also had such an opinion, and I also kept it to myself.

      • Guest

        I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.

      • Magnolia


  • JAT

    I think the elegant part is the earring hanging from the S-hook in the first photo. But given the second photo, the earrings don’t seem to be included.

    • Wine lover

      Oh my…they are selling out in our town…the ladies love em!

  • Becky Hopkins

    Well, this has to be the dumbest Kickstarter I’ve ever seen. After all, it’s not the appearance of the wineglass, it’s what’s inside that counts.

    Namely, it’s whatever I pour into it.

    • Wine lover

      GlassWraps is patented product going natiionally 2014!

      It is not dumb!

      If dumb is a multi million dollar company…then I would agree with you! I am a happy dumb rich GlassWrap owner!

  • Wine lover

    Laugh all you want! This wine glass accessory is going global with wedding and event orders, including the Oscars to decorate their stemware and weddings from home towns to Ireland! Love the publicity ~ the negative reviews have only increased our orders! Keep em coming!

    • KickFailure

      If you really mean that, I’m honestly glad to be of service.

      I don’t hate Kickstarter or small businesses. I just like laughing at them.

      I want everyone to make money.

    • TheNate

      To be fair, the Kickstarter campaign was a flop.

  • Wine lover

    This DUMB idea…is a 2.5 million dollar profit company to date….to all your naysayers and posers that we are dumb! Check your bank balance before you HATE!

    • Bryon Jones

      sure it is.

    • Arthur

      Like a fool, I didn’t even look at the project page before hand. I apologize because you are completely naive. It was a failure. What millions of dollars? Oh I see. You’re the one who started the campaign aren’t you?

  • Kamorth

    I’m still trying to figure out how to drink from them without rendering them nude. All I can see is earring to the face and a wine soaked dollar store headband.