Really late, but who cares?

You may have noticed that I’ve been slacking off a bit on these posts.

I apologise. I should be paying more attention to all the crazyness on Kickstarter.

So let’s start off with someone else who’s been slacking off.

36-Dollar Magazine

You guys may remember a while back I featured This found-art magazine made of trash. 36Dollars_teaser I guess he didn’t find enough art, because he only sent some of the magazines out. Overseas backers were especially vocal about not getting their stuff.

Finally, a year and a day after the fundraising ends, he finally has come up with a status post explaining things.

He starts with an apology. No, wait, not an apology, a quasi-apology.


So what went wrong?


That’s right! He got tired of filling in customs forms, so he just didn’t ship to international customers!

He could have got someone to help him. Or he could have been smart and just used a program that auto-generate the forms for you, but no. His solution was just to not do it!

What was going through his head?

So why’d he take international orders if he didn’t feel like sending them out?
Oh. I see, it’s our fault for not realizing you were high!

I wonder if he realizes that some people have jobs where they are required to manufacture the same thing every day for decades.

Still, that must have been rough. Having to actually make a piece of art that you wanted to make.

Name-Calling and Big Words

Ooo! Ooo! Please be talking about me! Please! Please! Please!

I think this means that he didn’t shit on all of us evenly. He shat specifically on the foreigners. (It’s the American way!)


Who are these weirdos who expect to actually get what they’ve paid for?!?

Basically, if you still want yours and you live in the USA, he’ll mail it to you (plus $0.25 if you ask him for it!) but if you live outside the USA, he refuses to send the book to you.

He’s offered to refund people’s money via pay-pal, but tellingly, he has not offered to cover the pay-pal fees, so be ready to lose 5%-10% of your pledge because he’s too lazy to fill in a customs form, and too stupid to get a computer to fill it in.

Closing thought

Finally, because I like to end these things on a classy note, here is a comment from the project-creator responding to a disappointed backer.

  • Certified Hamster Midwife

    Too bad there isn’t an online postage service that fills out the customs slips for you automatically, with zero work if you’re sending multiples of the same thing. Oh, wait, THERE IS. IT’S CALLED STAMPS.COM AND COSTS FIFTEEN BUCKS. Douche.

    • KickFailure

      They even offer a free one-month trial!

      He could have shipped all his magazines out without ever filling in a single customs’ form!

      He must have been filling them in by hand like a sucker.