PsyKandy Orgone Creations


Ooo! Candy?

No. It is also not created by a woman named Candice, so I’m sort of confused about the name, but whatever.

Orgone energy? Man it’s like 1969 all over again. I assume, anyway. I wasn’t around but I understand that’s the last time people took Orgone Energy seriously.

What is it? The theory is too dumb to explain here, but basically it’s magic from space, and if you build Orgone collectors you can harness this space magic to make you healthier and luckier.

I can’t tell you how much smog comes out of my phone, computer, and television.

(Notice how she’s watermarked the images. She’s really worried that people will steal these photographs.)


As a side note, when people manufacture real machines, one of the most important parts of the process is testing and measuring performance. You know, to make sure you made it right, and to make sure your design works. I wonder how you test the efficiency of something that collects completely invisible, undetectable space magic that can’t be measured in any way.


I guess magical space energy doesn’t help plan ahead.


… or help attract backers.

  • jay

    the sad part is that if it was actual candy, I’d be all over that. Those things look delicious

  • MadameMidlifeCrisis

    Ooooooh, she runs out of “hemp” a lot I bet. She just needs help to get more “supplies.”

  • Shakill oneil

    Welp, she defaced her Kickstarter. Now, it just says “None”, and “Yep”.

    • KickFailure

      Ha ha! I love it when they do that.

      I’ve still got my screenshots, though!

  • Haha

    She has a new shop now Akira Moon Enchantments 😂😂😂