Creative scam, I hope.


Here’s a Kickstarter for a video game company named “The Creative Games”. Huh. Not the most creative name, but whatever.

What are they making? Nothing much. Only the most extensive and fully featured videogame in the history of mankind. That’s right.


Wow. This game is even bigger than Grand Theft Auto V! GTAV was involved a team of well over a thousand people and an estimated budget of £170 million! (about $265 million)

So what astronomical sum of money is this project going to cost?


HA-ha! $3,500cad (about $3150 US) You couldn’t even get a PS4 developers’ kit for that little, let alone hire people to use it! Crumby little phone games ripping off Candy Crush have budgets ten times that! Even if they get a hundred times their goal, this project is hilariously doomed to failure.

Who are the crazies behind this trainwreck?!?


Oh no. … Please, don’t tell me …


Ugh! It is. This is some clueless mother setting up her child for the most crushing, and embarrassingly public, disappointment of his life.

It’s made all the worse by the fact that there really are kids his age with realistic goals, doing phenomenally well on Kickstarter.

In fact, taken at face value this is horrible, so I choose to believe that this is a scam. I choose to believe that this is an intentional scam to prey on people who are charmed by a cute kid.

I have a certain respect for a well played con job, so that’s what I choose to believe this is, because the alternative is terrible.

Important Note: This post is a commentary on the project and the adults involved. Feel free to discuss this project in the comments, but if you post a comment criticizing or insulting the children involved, you will be banned.

  • Alan

    That’s… kind of sad.

    • KickFailure

      Yup, It sure is.

  • Guest

    Could it be that the mom is a programmer, doing this as a side project? She could have the SDK from her professional work.

    • Amy Procrastinating

      If anything this seems less likely, a programmer would have known well enough to set a much smaller and actually achievable target.

      • Jamoche

        Horrible thought – she’s in software marketing. The sort that thinks that if something’s easy to describe (“let’s support $newOSFeature”) it should be easy to do. The kind who thinks frameworks and operating systems come for free – the sort who, if they were on a space ship, would think the person responsible for making sure there was air was a total slacker because air is just there, right?

    • KickFailure

      I guess it’s not impossible that she has “unofficial” access to a developer’s kit.

      But I agree with Amy. I feel like an experienced developer would have nudged her child towards a project that was much more feasible.

    • Cerne

      Console SDK kits are pretty tightly controlled (though any Xbox One can be made a SDK sometime in the future) and they have to be registered to the developer I believe.

  • Cerne

    The reward levels are really fishy with rewards costing a lot more than any legit game project I’ve seen. Also none of the tiers promise a copy of the game.

    • KickFailure

      This could be just more cluelessness.
      We’ve seen it before with a few comic-book projects. People don’t research other similar projects, they just assume that Kickstarter will just bankroll them.

  • jay

    sometimes I swear people only have kids for the free labor. (disclaimer: I don’t have kids. But I have a dog, and at least once a week I tell her to get a job.)

    • Ohmy Shrunkenhead

      My mother told me very regularly that ‘children are born to help their parents’. Guess how that’s working out?

  • Daisy

    Maybe the kid is running the scam with the hope of buying a computer he can actually play games on?

  • Windego

    This…this is hard :( On one hand if it’s a scam, I can say I’d be very upset that someone tried to use a poor kid to get you to give them free cash. That is just NOT ok. On the other hand, if it was true then I just picture the poor kid’s disappointment and if mom encouraged him, how is she going to explain why it didn’t work out? I dunno which one makes me feel worse, a poor kid being used for a scam or a poor kid crying because nobody cared about his one dream ;_;

  • Brad G

    Used to be that kids would grow up seeking athletes, musicians and actors – and naturally assume that they’d grow up and do that. These days they assume that you just have to half-ass a kickstarter project and instantly become the next Steve Jobs.

  • Plasmafire

    Y’know, if they really wanted to, and actually had programming experience, they could probably use Google Earth as a map. It provides altitude data, and a whole lot of sort of premade buildings. It would look really bad, even if they leveraged street view for increased detail, and google would probably sue their pants off, but at least they’d have a map for the game done. Still wouldn’t work on console though.