As neat as can be!


A desktop organizer. I was really hoping that title image was the “before” picture. It’s not.

The photograph shows a wooden prototype of their (plastic) revolutionary new desk-top organizer.


Looks, uh, ‘organized’.

Oh, fantastic! I needed some place to proudly balance a hundred dollar bill on top of my phone.

There’s no neater way to store your keys than to place them in a perfectly round indentation with a diameter less than the key’s length.
(Incidentally, posting pictures of your keys on the Internet is not the best idea.)


  • Li13


    • KickFailure

      This is innovative, since most products come packaged in a box specifically designed to make the product look ugly and stupid.

  • Daisy

    same woman was behind the talking drinking suprise there

    • KickFailure


      How did I miss that?!?

  • Amy Procrastinating

    The box that thing is in looks like it’s been sitting in the stock room of a hardware shop for decades, which makes me wonder if she’s not just trying to backwards engineer this out of some old failed product she dug out (which may or may not have been hers to start with, not sure which is the sadder prospect).
    Also any idea what she means when she refers to it being “reversible”, that you can turn it around so you don’t have to look at it?

    • KickFailure

      Hmm… That is a very good point. I hadn’t looked to closely at the box, but it does look decades old.

      If I had to guess, she’s probably pulling all her failed business ventures out of the closet and just dumping them on Kickstarter one by one. All without doing basic research on what sort of projects do well on Kickstarter.

      As for “Reversible”, I’ll bet it works equally well if you turn it upside down, but maybe she means you can turn it around and use it back to front.

      • Jamoche

        On one of the pictures you can make out “by Frame-A-Verse”, which Google reveals to be a company in San Antonio that failed about a decade ago. Interestingly, her name isn’t anywhere near it.

        • Paco

          Also, the term “Desk Master” is trademarked on the box. A quick search revealed that the trademark for the term “Desk Master” is owned by Myron Corp., a day planner company, and has been owned by them since the 1950s. I seriously think this woman found an old product at a thrift store and tried to remake it.

          • KickFailure

            Interesting, but the Myron Desk Master is an organizer.

            It raises some interesting questions, but I don’t think we have a ‘smoking gun’ on this one yet.