Flappy birds!

If you’ve been living in a deep-sea research habitat for the last month or two, you might not be aware that the latest cult phenomena in phone games is a very simple little game called “Flappy Bird”.

The game is simple. Tap the screen to move the bird upwards. Don’t tap and he plummets downwards.

The game languished in the app store unnoticed for months, until a lucky combination of Reddit posts, and YouTube reviews suddenly propelled it to the #1 spot on both iPhone and Android.

The original creator of the very simple game eventually got fed up with all the attention and pulled the game from the App Stores, but not before a zillion would-be opportunists decided they needed to jump on that Bandwagon.

There’s been a MMO version, a Virtual Reality version, and even an entire game jam!


We’re talking about a game that any competent programmer could recreate over the weekend.

So of course people are begging for money to do exactly that!

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  • Damien Walker

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