Books? I think?


The first thing you’ll notice about this project is that the video has about a dozen elephants in it, but absolutely no mention of his project.

At this point you’re probably asking a question. You’re thinking “What the hell?”

All I can tell you is that I think this is a (ha ha!) ‘writer’ who is trying to sell some books.

The great thing about writers is that their Kickstarter project descriptions are always so well written.

 I have other stories. That I plan upon offering to the public. That is why I'am here! To get the stories to the public in an ' turn the page ' format. The video is of me ( razor cellular phone )riding public transport. lol. The monies is for : 1) An " Up to date " look for the books 2) Publishing for the books 3) Distribution for the books

Ok, buddy. Whatever you say.

If I back your project, whatever it is, what do I get out of it?


Oh, so I can’t buy the book, but I can buy a raffle ticket? If my pledge is in the top half of one third?

That reminds me of my favorite passage from Kickstarter’s rules for project rewards.

  • djnforce9

    Wow! This looks like it was written by someone who can’t speak English very well and used a keyboard with a broken space bar for the first half of their project description. Nobody has pledged and I am sure nobody with any sense of intelligence will.

  • Windego

    I’m curious about why Kickstarter doesn’t stop projects like these from spawning. This kinda proves they don’t bother screening these. As for the video, maybe he wants to raise circus elephant awareness and that’s what the book is about?

    • KickFailure

      I wonder that too.

      I know some people DO get rejected, so they must be very irregular on their screening process.

      • Windego

        Do they at least have any initiative about taking down illegal or rule breaking projects? Because from what I’ve read on this site, they don’t seem to care much about stopping those either. Then again its not like these fake projects often succeed…do they?

        • KickFailure

          They will occasionally remove a project that breaks their rules.
          ( Example : )

          And they will remove projects if they get a copyright complaint. (However, I’ve only seen that happen with projects that infringe on large corporations. I’ve never seen them remove one of the projects that just steal photographs/comics from some private artist.)

          • Windego

            I guess they’ll only listen if people who can take serious action do it. This is probably a dumb question but can kickstarter be sued for any of these scam projects? Or is there some kind of rule that exempts them from responsibility for whoever starts on their site? I mean, it seems pretty reckless of them to be so non-chalant about some of these projects :/

          • erdbeere

            “The Company makes no representations concerning any Content on the Site, and the Company is not liable for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, or decency of material contained on the Service.” from Kickstarters Terms of Use

            It seems that it is pure “generosity”, if they ban or suspend projects.

          • Windego

            So it sounds like basically they could care less who does what on their site and anything that goes into their site is fair game. It makes me really glad this site is around to warn people these types of scams although most of these are things no one with common sense would fall for.

          • KickFailure

            Well, That’s not really fair. They’re trying to make a service with a reputation for quality. That involves a certain amount of curation. And like I said, I know they at least sometimes reject projects for quality reasons.

            These ones that slip through are probably are probably a result of being understaffed.

            (It’s IndieGoGo that doesn’t care. Zing!)

          • Windego

            Yeah I was a bit harsh, sorry. I did figure they had to be understaffed and that’s why they don’t screen much. Its not like kickstarter is out to enable these people to do their weird projects. ..the non sensical ones at least. As for indiegogo, I never even knew it existed until this site lol