Stay Classy Tiny Periscope


He’s a little mirror that clips onto your smart phone’s camera. Like a tiny periscope.

As someone who has fond memories of my father’s antique reflex cameras and is also a little shy about taking pictures, I think this is a great idea. It’s a great way to get more casual candid shots of your friends and family, and it’ll allow you to hold your camera phone at a more natural angle, so you don’t look like a phone zombie.

I know what you’re thinking…

Sure, we can all think of less-than-honorable uses for this little gizmo, but these people are trying to run a business. I’m sure they’re going to appeal to people’s better nature and promote this as nothing more untoward than a tool for creating art.

Sample photographs

Uhm, sure. Look. Young love. That can be artistic.

I’m sure that lady isn’t just going to gossip about that photo on Facebook. She’s probably going to display it proudly at her next gallery appearance.

Well… Hmmm…. Ok, I can only assume that this gentleman was taking some architectural photographs of that lovely cafe when the waitress accidentally walked in-shot. What a shame. I’m sure she ruined a wonderful photograph.


  • jay

    OF COURSE it’s already way over fully-funded. At least it sorta looks like they all come in bright colors, so that the subject is likely to notice? Maybe? I hope?

    edit: ugh, I take it back, it looks like the colors are optional stickers. Gross.

    • KickFailure

      The funny thing is that I don’t hate the idea. Anything to not hold my phone straight up in front of people’s face and to look less ridiculous when taking a photo.

      … but this is clearly being sold as a way to peep up girls’ skirts.

      Imagine if Steve Jobs had announced the iPhone’s new high-res camera by showing off photos like this!

      • KickFailure

        Like, I would like to own one of these devices, but there’s no way I’m going to give any money to THESE creeps.

        • Windego

          I feel like I have to ask a perfectly honest, maybe somewhat dumb question here but is this legal? I mean, if they’re obviously marketing it as a way for peepers to have an easier time making their panty shot quotas, shouldn’t somebody alert Kickstarter or…I dunno, do something to say this is not ok? As a gay male, I can’t relate to another man’s need to look up skirts but I can still say that this isn’t cool and it’s an obvious violation of a woman’s privacy and it’s just plain rude. Seriously.

          • KickFailure

            Well, it’s certainly legal to attach a mirror to your camera. And in fact, it can be useful. Throughout history a lot of great artists have used reflex (“look-down”) cameras instead of the more traditional kind.

            Even if the intent is to hide the camera, it’s usually legal. Photography in public places is virtually always legal, whether or not you let people know you’re doing it. (And probably should be, for serious reasons. Why should only the authorities get hidden cameras?)

            The only real problem is the marketing.

            Is it illegal to strongly imply, but not quiite say, that a device is for peeping at ladies?

            I don’t know, but I suspect it is. That’s the whole premise of the marketing for “X-RAY SPECS” and various other “spy” gadgets that used to be sold in the back of comic books.
            ( )

            So the final question is : Does this violate IndieGoGo’s standards of conduct?

            HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! IndieGoGo has no standards.

  • KickFailure

    (Sorry this post disappeared. I guess the words “upskirt” and “porn” triggered the spam filter.)

    • KickFailure

      And of COURSE it also filtered THAT post.

      Come ON Disqus! I’m the admin here. I’m not spamming MY OWN blog!

      • TheNate

        It’s more like “dis suqs,” am I right?

    • Windego

      Oh that would explain a lot XD I thought I got banned or something for saying inappropriate things. I didn’t think Disqus had a filter though.

      • KickFailure

        No, no. You’re certainly not banned.

        In fact, I just whitelisted you. (And a couple of other regular “good” commenters).

        Maybe this will cut down on the number of posts that get lost.

  • erdbeere

    Interestingly, they have taken down the two last pictures mentioned in your post.

    • KickFailure

      Oh wow. You’re right! Haha.

      I’ll bet they got all kinds of hell for essentially saying “Hey! Buy this device to photograph up women’s skirts!”

      …But they also got all kinds of MONEY for saying that. So I’m sure they’re happy.

      I’d love to see a sales graph. I wonder if, just by looking at the graph, you can spot the point where they took down the upskirt photo.

      • KickFailure

        They blocked my comment, AGAIN!
        Is “upskirt” a forbidden word on Disqus?

        I’ve just added myself to the whitelist, (Why do I have to add the blog’s admin to the whitelist? Shouldn’t that be automatic?) so this post is a test.


  • Dan Gerszewskiq

    I can think of literally ones of uses for this that aren’t creepy.

  • TheNate

    And now the twist ending: The peeping tom was also a scammer!