IndieGoGo redesign.


Whenever I’m stuck for content on this blog, I can always depend on IndieGoGo to provide as many completely insane projects as I need to meet my schedule.

Imagine my surpise when I discovered that IndieGoGo had “reinvented” itself.

This could be a disaster! (for me.) I need to go through the check-list to make sure it hasn’t really changed.

Water powered car? –Check


He thinks he’s going to use an electric pump to push water over a waterwheel which will power the pump. He must be six years old.

Teenager who wants expensive toy for free? –Check


Yeah, ok, Objective-C is an Apple standard. It’s not going to work on Glass.

Asshole who thinks shameless greed is funny and clever? –Check

This is so not clever that I’ve already made fun of at least one person who had this exact same stupid idea.

Did he really think it would be that easy?

Creepy sex stuff? (NSFW) –Check


This guy wants to spend two thousand dollars of our money so he can be pounded in the ass by an ass-pounding robot, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

But, he sure wouldn’t want us to think he was gay.


What a relief. Looks like IndieGoGo is still the same crazy site I’ve come to depend on for absolutely insane crowd-funding.

  • Cerne

    I’m offended by how little effort went into the first two “projects”. Seriously a water wheel as a means of power generation? At least layer on some bullshit fake science to help ease my wallet out of my pants.

    Same thing with Google Glass kid, at least have a workable idea for an app.

    At least sex machine boy and wannabe millionaire are up front about ripping you off.

  • Windego

    I feel like I have to give Indiegogo credit for having NO standards. I mean, some of these people are outright admitting they want to scam you for free cash–no, not even scam. They plain just admit they want your money for no reason. And they just get to do it. But maybe I’m not getting it. Maybe Indiegogo just assumes everyone is smart enough to avoid these projects which most people are at least.

    Actually, that last project reminds me of the british guy who wanted to get free cash to hire an escort, they feel similar in a way. And the guy even offers a video of how to use the thing and a bonus story of how his first butt pounding went as backer rewards lol

  • TheNate

    “And no, I’m not homosexual if you’re curious” No, he’s robosexual.

    • KickFailure

      It’s the sexual orientation of the future!

  • jay

    I have to admit that it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when a guy is defensive about liking stuff in his ass. Dude, lots of straight people do and lots of gay folks don’t. How about, instead of blowing your homophobic load all over the internet, you find a nice dominatrix who will strap one on for ya?

    • Windego

      Yeah, I know for a fact this is true. There’s a lot of straight men who don’t want another man but like their butt getting fucked (Please don’t kill me for saying the f word, Disqus ban gods) or played with. I also know for a fact that there’s a lot of straight guys with wives who like to go out in the down low and get butt banged by men. The point is, it happens. Saying “I’m not gay, I just want things in my butt” won’t make anyone think good about you. Seriously.

  • Daisy

    You know it’s bad when the most viable idea is the butt robot.