Dodge Bird

Dodge Bird -   An Iphone app, where the aim of the game is to steer the bird away from hitting the windows, and catch the insects!

So here’s another cel-phone game about a bird who has to avoid flying into stuff. Hooray.

Actually, this one looks like it’s not a “Flappy Bird Clone“. At least not an exactly clone.

So the aim of the game is you are controlling this bird, which is flying into the screen through buildings whilst trying to dodge the closed windows and trying to dodge all the objects in the building like chairs and tables etc. At the same time you will be trying to catch bugs, which are you food, and they represent your health. You have to keep eating as well as dodging to stay alive. So it will be a quite tricky game but that's what keeps users interested because its not to easy and its always ongoing!

So, basically you steer a bird around things and pick up bugs. Well, that’s pretty straight-forward.

The art in the cover image is not his (he stole it from @MrSeanG.) so we’re going to need his own work before we put down our money. Helpfully, he’s provided his prototype of the game.

(These appeared in the original article rotated 90° for no reason. I’ve fixed them to go easy on your necks. You’re welcome.)

I dunno. These don’t look that great…


Wait, I will get money? How will I get money.


Ok, look. I know Kickstarter sometimes reads these things before they go up, but they sure as heck didn’t read this one. These kinds of rewards are strictly prohibited by Kickstarter policy, and actually most nation’s laws regulating investments. You can’t make money investing in a Kickstarter project.

Still, $100 Million in profits? Wow, he’s really optimistic! What kind of advertising does he have planned?


He’s got a WAY of advertising that he WILL do, he can assure you of that!

Still, that last sentence seems kind of ominous. I wonder what it means.



I asked the artist who made the bird-with-goggles image if he was involved in this. I think we can all guess what he said, but it’s worth double-checking these things.

WTF, indeed!

  • Windego

    You have to commend the person who made this for having SOME originality. Instead of telling you to give him free money because he just wants it, he’s telling you that if you GIVE him your money, you WILL make some of it back :O I mean, it’s truly a no lose situation outside of the fact that it’s completely illegal!