A talented reader has done a Dramatic Reading of this blog post. It’s awesome.


See that diagram? Do you understand it?

What if the creator berated you for a while? Would you understand it then?

Pegasus is a new abstract strategy game that combines the gaming experience of Checkers (Draughts) , Othello (Reversi) and Chess.

He describes the rules, but I found it hard to follow, and I found it really hard to visualize how the game would play between two real players.

Other people had the same concern, and that touched off a 109 post back-and-forth flame war between the project creator and his own backers!

It started innocently enough :
A couple of posters also noted that the amount of money he was asking ($300,000) was way out of line with other board game projects, not to mention the fact that he wanted $100 for a single copy of the game.

Oh nice. Sarcasm and attitude. A few more people complained that $100 for a board game seems a little high, and he just berated them with multiple very long posts about how his prices are reasonable and that we’re all ignorant for thinking otherwise.

Then a woman named Torii, who works in the manufacturing business, did some rather in-depth math on how much it should cost to manufacture these things. Our friendly project creator had this to say :

Ok, I don’t actually know what he said, because it was deemed too offensive for Kickstarter. However, based on how other commenters reacted, I’m pretty sure it had to do with her female anatomy. Classy.

When another commenter called him out on that distinct lack of class, he responded with
*Sigh* I have got to get quicker at taking screenshots. This was probably hilarious.

When being crude and abusive didn’t gain him any new customers, he switched tactics and tried to play the victim!

As more and more people accuse the project creator of both over-pricing and not doing his research, he gets more and more defensive. I think this line is nicely Representative. :

If he’d researched the board-game industry he’d know that high-level chess players actually practice with Tournament Sets. You can pick those up for under twenty bucks.

Besides that, if he thinks he’s going to get “serious” players before he gets “casual” players, he really didn’t do his research.

There’s even more to this story, but I think it can be wrapped up perfectly with this :

Oh well. With a name like “Pegasus” I guess I should just be glad it’s not another Brony project.

This project was kindly brought to my attention by reader Jeremy G.

Commenter RatherOddRager points out that this guy is trying again! This time with two separate projects for each of this games.

Has he learned anything? Let’s see …

Has he researched the board-Game industry yet?

  • Nope! He’s still charging $100 for a board game!
  • Nope! He still thinks people want finely crafted “luxury” models of games they’ve never played.
  • Nope! He still thinks there’s big money in an “elite group of two player abstract strategy games”.

Has he built a prototype yet?

I'm going to spend my weekend trying to build a playable prototype. I'll post the images as soon as I am done. You can expect to see images of my product by Wednesday. While you are waiting, please have a look at the image below as it details the dimension specifications of my game unit.
Today is Thursday. No pics.

Has he berated and insulted his backers again?

Of course not! You’ve got to be nice to your mother.

  • RatherOddRanger
    • Amy Procrastinating

      Good god, now he’s added plans for a 3d variation, and a travel version of his game…which remains un-play tested and with no physical prototype.

  • R

    “3. Open Image on any Photo-editing software, like Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or online at”

    He apparently wants us to playtest it ourselves in the most impractical way possible.

  • Amy Procrastinating

    This project is also up on Indiegogo, because naturally.

    • KickFailure

      Ha! You’re right. Of course. Why not?

      Still no indication that he’s actually played it. I can’t imagine why he just assumes that the game will be fun even though he’s never tried it.

      It shows a clear disrespect for actual game design. All he cares about is the GRAPHIC design of the game, and making it look spiffy on a coffee table. He should just make a decorative chess set.

      • Amy Procrastinating

        Both the new Kickstarters are now cancelled.
        Maybe he’s learnt his lesson now and this won’t be back for some moths after prototyping and testing…maybe.

        • RatherOddRanger

          I doubt it sadly, he’s probably just sticking to indiegogo because you get to keep a good chunk of the money even if you fail.

        • KickFailure

          Ha! And the IndieGoGo campaign ended with exactly zero dollars.

  • RatherOddRanger

    A lot of it is to do with the creator thinking their the smartest person on the planet with the greatest idea ever. In thier mind anyone who criticises them is just a hate and jealous of them, you see it a lot with fan film kickstarters.

  • glitchtrack

    It’s funny how much he wants to bill his game as being like chess. As far as I can tell, literally the only chess-like thing about it is that he insists on calling the pegs “pawns” for no apparent reason (other than… to make it sound more like chess!) Just be honest and admit that this is nothing more than a needlessly complex variant of checkers.

  • Deb Schumacher

    To clarify I’m not his Mom, just a popcorn munching spectator.