Copycats are the worst.


Yes! I’m aware of the potato salad project. STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT IT!

Seriously, long-time readers will know that these kinds of joke projects are nothing new. [1][2][3] They’re not even particularly creative. Just pick any random thing. Ask for money, and pretend that it’s adorable that you’re a grown man asking for lunch money.

I refuse to waste braincells researching how this one has managed to “go viral” and become wildly popular. However, now that it has we can count on an endless cavalcade of copy-cats.

I want to stress that these are not all the copy-cats. They’re not even all the ones I could find. Not even close. I just stopped when I got bored of taking screenshots.

(No clickable links because copycats are terrible.)








I’ll bet Kickstarter is really feeling good about their recent decision to stop pre-screening projects before they go live!

  • Amy Procrastinating

    Partial credit to the first mashed potato guy for at least calling himself unoriginal before anyone else needs to…

  • RatherOddRanger

    There’s this one fan film I’ve been following (never donated to it mind) that’s on it’s 4th fund raising attempt and is doing nothing but moaning and complaining about this one.

    • KickFailure

      I love people like that.
      They say things like “People only want to back crappy joke projects, nobody want s to back serious art!”

      Basically, they’re failing, but it’s not because they suck, they’re convinced that they’re failing because they’re TOO GOOD.

      • RatherOddRanger

        Yeah that’s them in a nutshell. If you want a link to them just let us know.

  • Terry Cavalcade

    You think you’re the first person to write about Kickstarter fails? And on top of that you insult people on the internet…

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, the internet is full of brain cell (yes, its 2 words, not 1) wasting material.

    Just because you have a blog don’t mean you know what you’re talking about. I hope people understand that.

    • KickFailure

      No. I am not the first person to write about Kickstarter fails.

      I am, however, the *BEST* person to write about Kickstarter fails.

      • Terry Cavalcade

        Also the most humble as well. I’m not sure you comprehend the fact that you inadvertently insulted yourself by writing an article titled “Copycats are the worst”.

        …Because you are a copycat as well… I think at this point I need to point these things out to you.

        Also you are definitely not the best.

        This guy has 4.5 million views.

        • KickFailure

          I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I am actually the best.

          And you’re right, I am also the most humble. Thanks for noticing.

          • Terry Cavalcade

            Good luck on being crazy, sir.

          • KickFailure

            Thanks, you too!

          • Terry Cavalcade

            You’re such a fucking idiot its incredible.

          • KickFailure

            Wait, wait, wait.

            Help me out here.

            Are you trying to be funny and use “its” incorrectly as a joke, or can you really not tell the difference even after it has been pointed out to you?

            I can’t tell.

            …I guess both possibilities are sad in different ways.

    • Jamoche

      “yes, its 2 words”


      • Terry Cavalcade

        Congrats, you’re literate, its quite an achievement really. But your reply means nothing at all.

        • KickFailure

          Hey dumbass! He’s pointing out a spelling error in a sentence you wrote to complain about a spelling error!

          “Its” is a possessive pronoun.

          “It’s” is the contraction you meant to use.

          • Terry Cavalcade

            I also don’t have a blog and don’t have to worry about spelling and grammar, you on the other hand have no excuse.

          • Zach Payne


        • Jamoche

          And you did it again. Gosh, I am just so impressed with the quality of your arguments.

          • KickFailure

            It’s like the Halloween-pops lady who kept saying things like “your ignorant” even after we pointed out that it was a spelling error.

          • Terry Cavalcade

            I also like how you have no point to argue so you result to making fun of my spelling…

          • Jamoche

            Making fun of your spelling (and word choice – “result to”?) *is* the point. I mean, if it’s good enough for you…

          • Terry Cavalcade

            So you’re the rad spell check guy with an attitude, or just easily distracted?

            Please don’t answer that, its a rhetorical question, I know you’re just as stupid as the owner of this blog.

            Please do yourselves a favor an just stop because you are obviously incompetent.

            Your website looks like something made by a 5th grader on Yahoo Page Builder. Like you couldn’t even figure out how to code basic Word Press templates or something.

            All your posts are exactly the same “This guy is an idiot, it’s been done, I lost faith in Kickstarter”. Wow, I’m amazed you’re able to take screenshots and Google search things. Please, the reason why you can’t even come up with a defense is because you have none.

            The only other person who’s taking your side is the guy who’s mission in life is to correct people’s spelling on the internet. But he couldn’t even help you out because 90% of all your posts have spelling and grammar errors. Maybe you should give him a job here or something then your argument would have a little bit of validity.

            I feel sorry for the people who pay for this website to stay up because they don’t realize that its just a waste of space on the internet! And you’re scamming them because you could have just made a youtube channel or something for free.

            But you’re just a coward and will remain anonymous because you’re too afraid to show your face or identity because you know that what you do on this website is just leeching on to other people’s successes and failures and there’s no taking pride in that.

            You are a troll, your friend is a troll, and anyone who thinks this website is remotely good is an idiot.

            I’m done talking to you now. Don’t bother replying because I’m actually going to add this website on my block list now.


          • KickFailure

            That’s kind of a lot of words, can you tldr it for me?

          • Terry Cavalcade

            I like how the only thing you are able to contribute to an argument is to correct people’s spelling…

  • KickFailure

    Here’s a fun game :

    Terry Cavalcade is pretty angry at me. I’ll bet he’s a project creator I’ve made fun of. Let’s try to guess which one!

    (Clues : I’m pretty sure that “Terry Cavalcade” is a pseudonym and his IP address geolocates to near Toronto.)

  • Caio

    You realize he’s giving all his money to charity right?

    Why are you being an asshat about it?