The “No Touch” pen

The No Touch Pen ®, The Original Germ Defense Pen® -- Kicktraq Mini

The “No Touch” pen. With this amazing new invention, you don’t have to push the buttons on an ATM with your fingers, exposing yourself to germs!

Ok, we’ve seen this sort of thing here before, but it’s not a horrible idea.

They’ve got a photograph, but I won’t bore you with it. It’s a silver tube with a black rubber thing on the end.

Basically, what they’ve done here is take an ordinary phone/tablet stylus, the kind Amazon will sell you for pocket change, and written their name on it.

Not really an “invention” if you ask me, but at least it’ll be cheap, right? Right?

Ha ha! Nope.

  • R

    I wonder how long it’ll take them to start a KS campaign for gloves.

  • Jamoche

    Love how the $100 “Silver” level reward is exactly the same as the “Copper” one, and the $500 and $1000 add-on depends on reaching the undefined stretch goal.

  • Scott

    great idea…but you can get the same thing online for $1.09

  • Drake

    Considering how easily it is to lose a pen, No touch doesn’t seem like a good investment. There are comparable options.