Friday Quickies.

I used to Like Kickstarter

*Sigh*. Ever since Kickstarter stopped screening their projects this is just getting too easy. Kickstarter is now just as bad as IndieGoGo. There’s more dumb projects than real projects!
 Cat Capes!  by Amy  We want to make capes for our 3 cats. We're convinced that they're constantly jumping off of furniture in an attempt to fly.
Really? Maybe this is a joke project, but I have a terrible feeling this person really hopes to get the money.

Either way, isn’t it great that it’s now allowed on Kickstarter?!?

There’s even Free Energy Scams!

These fools and con-artists were once forced to use IndieGoGo. Not any more! Now they can use Kickstarter just like legitimate projects!

Punctuation is important

They really need a comma between “on” and “candy”.

It’s funny, because it’s a joke from a TV Show!

tension sheet
It was funny on Red Dwarf. It’s not funny when you do it.

Kickstarter has stopped enforcing their rules.

This person clearly has no idea how game controllers even work, so how did he make the prototype that kickstarter absolutely requires for all electronic gadgets? Oh, that’s right. He didn’t. And Kickstarter doesn’t care anymore.

We’ve got those already

 by Christopher Phillip Tucker  Trying to create a album full of repeating lyrics with great beats
Those are called “Songs”.

Is this racist?

Is this racist? Not the glow-in-the-dark Tee-Pees, because that’s a real part of our nation’s glow-in-the-dark history. I mean calling them “injian tee-pees”.

  • Amy Procrastinating

    That album kickstarter is really pretty tragic, the guy seems to be mentally disabled and clearly isn’t getting any help with his music hobby from anyone else (it’s just him manually repeating phrases into a mic). Kickstarter completely giving up on any kind of vetting isn’t just bad for backers, there are also project creators who KS are now opening up to mockery who really just needed to be told in an email that their project just wasn’t the kind of thing for this type of funding.

    • TheNate

      “… the guy seems to be mentally disabled and clearly isn’t getting any help with his music hobby from anyone else” That’s true for him (Christopher Philip Tucker) and the famous Chris Tucker too.

  • Windego

    Is there a reason KS stopped screening projects or did they get so sick of all the dumb joke and scam attempts they just said “fuck it” and decided to let people ignore them for themselves? It’s not like seeing a scam coming isn’t easy but letting anyone run in to try to do whatever they want seems like a bad idea.

    • KickFailure

      They said the usual stuff about empowering users and making the process more open.

      I’ll bet it was more about cost-cutting. It must have been costing them a fortune to screen them all.

  • Theo Anderson

    That controller looks hideous.

  • Theo Anderson

    Come On Candy has one pledge level for $5 – you get the joy of playing a part!