Digital Ditties for Doggies.

Yes! Finally!

Is your cat or dog stressed out? Either by loud noises, or just by the crushing ennui of having the instincts of a predator in a comfy suburban home? No problem! Play that domesticated beast some soothing tunes!


Oh, good point. If my cat tuned the stereo to the Country station, I’d probably have him put down.

He’s going to need his own 4gb mp3 player!

For the, admittedly quite reasonable, price of $98, you can get fluffy his own mp3 player that he (or his owner) can load up with the mp3s that he likes. Hours of non-stop doggy music, without bothering his human owners!

Rock on, pooch! Rock on.

  • Windego

    But what if my pet of choice needs to change the song or put it on repeat/shuffle and whatnot? I can’t very well stop driving to turn and change that for them, it’s too dangerous! I demand this device come with some kind of add-on that allows the pet to use their minds to control it via psychic interface so I can focus on driving or no buy.

  • jay

    my dog would get that thing off and eat it so fast it’s not even funny

  • smile from The Lower East Side

    Tony Danza could’ve used a pair of those – smile

  • Extreme Fred

    but what if I make my dog listen to chillwave, and he’s actually into neurofunk?

  • Dead.Juice

    “…He’s going to need his own 4gb mp3 player! For the, admittedly quite reasonable, price of $98…”
    I hope you’re being sarcastic there.

    • KickFailure

      Actually, I was being mostly serious.
      Sure 4gb is tiny for a modern mp3 player, but that’s not really the point. (How big is your dog’s music library?)

      $100 is not a huge amount of money for a nicely designed mp3 player that comes with a pair of custom-designed (presumably) ruggedized headphones.

      Yeah, if Sony was making four-zillion of these they could get the price down, but as a niche product, $100 is not actually a terrible price.

      I think that included shipping too.

      • Dead.Juice

        Wait, that headphones has 4gb built in?