• Bob101910

    Worked for the lady that made art from her vagina.

  • Amy Procrastinating

    Rewards include saying your name out loud as she does the painting! Oh Jesus, this is another potato salad wannabe…

  • Windego

    I haven’t really been following this whole “Potato salad” thing but are people seriously just throwing money at these people who just go “I’m gonna go pick my nose.” or something of the sort? All this time there’s been this wave of scams in Kickstarter and I guess somebody finally found the key formula?

    • KickFailure

      People who aren’t very familiar with Kickstarter think it’s cute that someone has cleverly subverted the process for a joke. They don’t realize that it’s so common.

      It’s like those beggars who hold up a sign that says “I’ll be honest. I need money for pot.” They get money from people who’ve never seen a sign like that before and who think it’s subversively original.

      Potato salad “went viral” among demographics who either don’t use, or have outright scorn for Kickstarter, so they all kicked in a couple bucks because they think it’s clever and original.