Cat Erotica. Catrotica.

  I want to Create a 2015 calendar of Cat Erotica.

This man wants to make calendar of “cat erotica” and he didn’t once use the pun “Kitty Porn”. According to his facebook, he’s doing this because a gypsy fortune teller told him to. I guess they have gypsies in Montana?

Who doesn't love a cat photo?   Now add the excitement of a tastefully placed cat teat in that photo and you got yourself some Cat Erotica.

How titillating.

A copy of this sexy calendar will set you back $25, but if that’s too rich for your blood, you can get your named tattooed on the photographer for only $10.

I’m not sure what that has to do with the project, or why you would want that, but hey, ten dollars is a bargain!


Fun fact : , To get 10,000 names tattooed on your flesh between September 19th, and the end of December, you’d need to get 625 names per week.

He’s off to a great start!

  • Daisy

    Can I give my name as Seymore Butts? That might be worth $10.

  • Bob101910

    The price was lowered to $15 for a physical calendar. If he didn’t put the stuff about tattoos in there, I would have thought this was serious and donated.

  • Freddy Gonzales

    This can’t be legit but it’s still funny. “I’ll engrave some stranger’s name on my body because they gave me 10 dollars! It’ll be funny! Tattoos don’t stay forever right?”