Nebulon Prime


Here’s a new board game! It features a re-configurable board consisting of six triangle-shaped pieces!

… And that’s all I know about it.

…even though I watched the entire video, and read the entire project page.

Well, That’s not quite true. I do know how much it costs :

Oh, wait. That’s just for the board. How much for the whole game?


This project was helpfully suggested by reader Jez G.

  • Amy Procrastinating

    The only actual games he name checks are Checkers and, err, BINGO. My best guess would be the game is Checkers with some kind of chance element added into it, which might not be that bad if it’s done cleverly…if only there was some medium via which he could tell us.

    • KickFailure

      Yeah, maybe it’s like Chinese Checkers with a movable grid. That’d be neat.

      I assume he’s not going to tell us because we might “steal his idea”. But it’s possible he’s crazy some other way.

    • neeneko

      Hrm. So Chinese Checkers meets Flux? That could, indeed, be pretty cool.

  • Brad Maxwell

    It’s like a board game, but without the game!