What’s a MotiPen?


Moti Pen! No video, so let’s read the description.


Ok, I’m interested, but I still want to know more.


So, you’re not going to tell us, are you?

The picture looks pretty high-tech, but that’s no help, because that’s actually a picture of the “LiveScribe Smart Pen“.

Well, OK. What do I get if I back the project, I get the pen, right?

Look, I’ve been to Australia, I know they don’t charge that much for postcards.

This post was kindly suggested by reader James K.

  • Beard Moxwill

    This man wants fifty grand for a project with no details, with a picture of an existing product.

    What the fuck?

  • Jeffrey Kukucka

    The moti pen gee where did i hear about that?! why of course its the ECHO PEN! congrats creator you have made a kickstarter page that was invented AREADY!

    • Jeffrey Kukucka

      ps in case you were wondering whats the Echo pen its basically records your lessons with a notebook while you are writing notes and you playback the audio. Good pen but really its a copy cat for this project!

  • Windego

    So now we’ve devolved to just making a page without telling you what I wanna make? OK I can do that.

    “Ever since I was 3, I thought about doing something to improve the quality of life of others. So I thought of making a thing. But I need 50K to patent it, program the OS, pay people to pretend I have a team doing something and get drunk and pass out. Please believe in me, my thing will make so many things you thought small so incredibly outstanding and all it’ll take is some money and hope!”

    “Rewards : Pledge 200 USD or more
    I will take a selfie of me and my cat, Pancake, and sign it in blood. I don’t know what else.

    Pledge 500 USD or more
    You get Pancake and I’ll throw in my dog, Syrup, as a bonus!