Gold Coins!


Gold coins! Well, at least it’s not another Challenge Coin.


I’m going to be honest with you. This coin design sucks. Even the worst of the Brony coins was better than this!


Kickstarter is all about trust. Because Kickstarter is not your normal store, it’s vital that as a backer, you trust the person running the project. For something as expensive as gold, you’re going to want a lot of trust!

Project creator Larry Murk hasn’t given us a website, or even a Facebook link, but he has created two projects in the past.


He made a god damn potato salad project?!?

Wow, this guy sounds like a real winner. Somebody I’d really like to trust with well over a thousand dollars of my money.

What’s it cost?

Speaking of money, how much is he charging for this ugly coin?


$2,000, That’s a lot of money.

And how much do real gold venders charge?


I guess the extra $700+ goes to that amazing design that he clearly worked for at least four minutes on?

This article was kindly suggested by reader James K.

  • Brad

    The way gold prices have gone up in the past, you may not be able to buy gold at this price in the future.
    Is that why he’s charging 160% of the average cost of a similar (and probably higher quality) gold coin? Can’t go wrong with that logic.

    Why does he need a 10k goal anyways? He’s trying to sell the damn coins, what is the goal for?

    • KickFailure

      Probably the coin manufacturer has a minimum order? I guess that’s why there’s a goal?

      • Brad

        Maybe. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never bought gold.

  • Windego

    The math done in this one is obviously messed up. I mean, at least pretend you know how much you’re actually gonna need before trying to rob people. C’mon really, you’re asking for 10K for a coin you’re charging 2K for but claim you’ll be making 1000 of is gonna work?